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DengTai Precision Machinery

ISO certification, quality achievement development
>   The introduction of advanced production equipment is passing ISO9001 quality system certification;
>   DengTai specializes in precision parts design and processing, precise and strict;
>   Technical engineering service team with many years of experience in CNC machining.
Highprice ratio
Tailored, large quantity to benefit customers
>   One-to-one customized service according to customer needs;
>   Free measurement of samples, own R&D design team and factory production;
>   Save the middle of the cumbersome links, similar products cost-effective peers 30%.
Delivery PeriodOn Time
Customers covering the whole country, processed products are sold at home and abroad.
>   The sales scope covers all provinces and cities across the country, and the national unified management;
>   Quality service to meet the different needs of our customers;
>   The company has always adhered to - honesty, customer-oriented.
Intimate service, let you feel more worry-free
>   Self-owned long-term cooperation logistics partners, light speed distribution;
>   Perfect quality service, service specialists let you have no worries;
>   All CNC processed products, quality and quantity, delivery time must be reached.
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about us
Cooperation with new and old customers, seek common development and create a better tomorrow
Dongguan DengTai Austrian Precision Machinery Co.,Ltb.
Dongguan DengTai Hardware Machinery Factory is a mechanical parts machinery parts factory integrating design, production, assembly, sales and service. It is equipped with various types of tooling fixtures and precision mechanical parts. It has various design engineers and intermediate and advanced technologies. A number of personnel. The company has 55 employees.
Dongguan DengTai Austrian Precision Machinery Co.,Ltb.
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